Neuralog Desktop

Neuralog Desktop

E&P Data Access and Visualization

Neuralog Desktop

provides better use of company data for your critical projects. Desktop is a powerful application for accessing and visualizing your company data. Logs and documents related to wells and regions are accessed via standalone application or Esri plug-in.

From Desktop, users visualize company data in global and project displays. The Esri map enables navigation to areas of interest to reveal critical project data. Smart filters and simple queries deliver needed information, moving the asset team focus away from data search to analysis and opportunity discovery. Desktop supports data access from any SQL, Access or Geodatabase as well as a variety of E&P application databases.

Reduce Costs & Discover Opportunities

Many users purchase the same data repeatedly not knowing what they own or spend too much time searching for it. Organizing company data should provide timely benefits without a consulting army. Utilize on-screen association tools, simple batch loaders and mapped data connections to external tables to organize and access data with Desktop. Desktop redefines simplicity, value and team achievement.

Desktop Delivers

Many companies embark on broad data management projects, but few are realized due to over complexity and unrealistic expectations. Desktop makes organizing and accessing data easy. When a full-blown enterprise data management system does not meet your project(s) needs, Desktop is the answer.

Standalone or Esri Plug-In

• Use Desktop standalone or within ArcMap to leverage your investment
• View data grids, trees, charts and reports from multiple sources


• Logs digital and raster viewer
• Cross sections, fence diagrams and other documents
• Maps create and view spatial displays with pie charts, etc.
• Reports create and view well header, well documents, deviation data, scout tickets, new data updates, etc.
• Charts create and view log coverage and statistics, decline curves, cross plots, etc.

Connect or Load, Organize and Manage

• Supports mapped data connections to SQL Server, SQL Express, Access, Geo databases as well E&P application databases
• Logs, AFEs, core reports, production data, user tops, Leases, maps, seismic, field reports, etc.
• Notify project team members of Desktop data updates
• Manage well and regional data for your projects
• Leverage data association tools and batch loaders