Answer your Geology Questions


NeuraSection allows you to evaluate leases, generate prospects and answer your E&P questions in one application. Users can visualize, analyze and create presentation logs, maps, sections and prospect montages, as well as calculate reserves, in a process that maximizes the utility of available data resources and minimizes the time required to create and present the total play concept.

NeuraSection is flexible enough to use your raster logs and maps to get you started right away, yet powerful enough to use your entire digital data set for a full analysis. Raster and LAS logs can be normalized, correlated, annotated and used in sections faster and less expensively than either paper or digital-only methods. A basemap is generated automatically with your well data, while scanned or vector maps provide the reference for your well selection or analysis.

Log correlation is quick and easy with LAS files and depth calibrated rasters. Correlate in log or cross section views. Updated information is automatically reflected in all views and can be shared among projects. Cross sections are readily created using templates or user-defined parameters. Raster, LAS and stick wells may be displayed along the deviated wellbore path in structural cross sections. Stratigraphic cross sections are generated automatically with an option to display missing intervals.

Rapid mapping in NeuraSection enables the geoscientist to create presentation quality maps through a set of automated mapping tools. Auto-contouring allows users to quickly generate contours for different map types within the same AOI without leaving the workspace. Gradient or discrete fills can be added for formation evaluation and reservoir displays. The user can manually draw contours as well as freely edit and/or infill auto-generated contours. Volumetric reserves can be determined from these custom structural or stratigraphic maps.

Bring everything together in a NeuraSection montage and export data to any E&P application. The montage allows you to incorporate show logs, cross sections, maps, reports and any Windows graphics to present everything needed for evaluation and decision-making. NeuraSection brings together the whole play concept in an efficient solution.

Neuralog Desktop Integration

Neuralog Desktop is a GIS based interface that integrates with NeuraSection to enable users to quickly visualize their geological data from NeuraSection and other databases with an on-screen interactive display.

• Display and open cross sections, AOIs, wells, logs and well/field related documents for any NeuraSection project. Includes strong well filters and visualization tools
• Area tree for quick well, log and document recognition
• NeuraSection toolbar is integrated to allow users to quickly create or edit projects
• Manage projects, documents and well logs across your corporate workspace