Volumetrics, Reserves and Map Digitizing

NeuraMap is the industrys leading application for capturing map data, calculating volumetrics and reserves, data conversion, and geo-referencing. Any scanned, hand-drawn or computer created map can be used.

NeuraMap brings contour, basemap [symbol] and graphic data directly into your workflow from maps, cross plots, interpreted seismic and other types of data, new or legacy. Data capture is made simple with accurate and rapid auto-tracing and symbol recognition as needed. QC is made simple with data overlaid on the original image for immediate WYSIWYG editing. Raster maps can be geo-referenced and reprojected, without digitizing. A calibration grid provides visual and quantitative error analysis.

NeuraMap provides the ultimate flexibility for data capture. NeuraMap data can be organized in Neuralog Desktop, imported into NeuraSection or output in any industry standard format for other E&P applications.

Volumetrics and Reserves

Work with a range of reservoir maps (structure, net thickness, net pore volume, and net hydrocarbon pore volume) in either relative scale or absolute coordinates. Calculate distances, areas, volumes and reserves including gas-in-place, oil-in-place, recoverable gas and recoverable oil. Volumes calculated using contours contained by faults, leases and other boundaries. Volumetric methods include standard and modified algorithms: Trapezoid, Pyramid, Trap/Pyramid, Quadratic, Step, Ratio, Simpson, and 3/8 Rule. Present your results with text or HTML reports and composite displays including maps, your company logo, and other graphics.

Automated Digitizing

Auto-tracing digitizes solid and dashed curves, as well as the basemap perimeter. Auto-symbol search locates and digitizes wells, shotpoints and other point data.

Display and Merge Multiple Data Sources

Raster images and digital data from a variety of sources and with a variety of projections can be combined into a single file, loaded and merged as needed.

On-Screen Quality Control, Interactive Editing

Accuracy is quickly verified while digitizing. The trace overlays the image in an offset color. Digital data, such as seismic lines or contour maps from other workstations, can be overlaid on the original image for QC . Point and click interaction with auto-tracing and editing tools enable edits to be made immediately.