Automated Log Digitizing and Preparation of Log Data


Oil and gas industry economics demand we get the most from our data while reducing data spend. NeuraLog does that as the most widely-used application for well log digitizing, depth registration and QC in the industry. E&P projects require a variety of data to develop a proper understanding of rock and fluid properties for reservoir characterization. NeuraLog provides automated tools for transforming all image or digital log data types into high quality information for display and analysis.

Quality digital data is a key element of successful E&P operations. Working with legacy logs can pose many problems for you and your organization, such as quality degradation, lack of digital data coverage, data loss and variable data quality. NeuraLog addresses these problems through the use of automated tools which enable intuitive digitizing, QC and processing to ensure data is preserved for use with current and future projects at rigorous company/industry standards.


Automated Curve Tracing

Neural network algorithms trace curves for better-than-human speed and accuracy.
• Immediate feedback highlighting traced curve
• Line style curve tracers to accommodate curve crossings
• Built-in grid model to enhance curve recognition
• Auto-stop error detection
• Interactive curve editing with immediate resume tracing

Lithology, Text, Point and Dipmeter Data Capture

Utilize data from mud logs and lithology logs for complete analysis.
• Capture lithology and descriptions from hand-drawn mud logs with ease
• Unique step curve (ie. ROP, Gas...) capture by sample rate
• Annotation to mark important data such as zones, faults and reservoirs
• Capture point data from SWCs, pressures etc.
• Capture dipmeter data including direction and degrees

Image Warp and Stretch Correction
NeuraLog automatically corrects for distortion in log images by using defined depth grids to produce quality log images and digital data.

Interactive Log Display
NeuraLog displays the log image and traced data directly on your monitor, providing immediate QC. • Point and click interaction and auto-scrolling with tracing tool • Error correction at any point in the tracing process

Unlimited Backup Scales
NeuraLogs automated tracing functions process unlimited backup scales, automatically patching together the different sections of curves for streamlined curve output.