Transaction Manager

Transaction Manager

Energy Solutions has developed a communication and business transaction management product which enables shippers and merchant pipeline operators to effectively communicate and share information with its suppliers (Producers, Processors), transporters, clients (e. g. LDCs and other downstream sales customers) and other companies involved in the business cycle.

The product, known as Transaction Manager is an off-the-shelf software product for pipeline owners operating in a regulated or merchant market. Transaction Manager also supports the business processes of shippers and traders. TransactionManager integrates all components of a pipelines or shippers purchase, sale, and transportation arrangements with third parties on their facilities and is ideal for any pipeline company or shipper company that needs to manage its equity or third party purchase and sales supply from the wellhead to the burner tip

Transaction Manager provides a mechanism to capture and submit gas nominations, balance shipper accounts and interface with the month-end billing system for invoice processing. The Transaction Manager software product consists of a number of automated processes and maintenance procedures separated into different modules.

With Transaction Manager, Energy Solutions addresses the general functional requirements required of the shipper or merchant pipeline market. Among those requirements are:

•Purchase and Sales contract definition and purchase and sales contract management
•Transportation Contract definition and transportation contract management
•Handle complex purchases and sales including tiered pricing requirements
•Gas Nominations and gas availability management for Clients and Producers
•Provide scheduling functionality to stay on top of contractual and regulatory demands
•Provide transportation nominations to Transporter
•Confirmation based on contract terms and infrastructure availability
•Third party access to contract management
•Monitor and maintain your daily production volumes
•Daily commercial imbalance and gas accounting
•Gas quality management
•Actualize volumes, invoices sales, and accrue purchase and transportation payables
•Invoicing and pre-invoicing availability directly from application
•Integration with simulation tools to assist in hydraulic validation of nominations
•SCADA and Gas Measurement System integration for collecting measured data
•Integration with General Ledger or ERP systems
•Provide web access to counterparties for nominations and reporting
•Certify actual measurement data versus scheduled transactions
•Replace outboard spreadsheet applications
•Generate both industry standard and customized invoices and reports