Pipeline Transporter

Pipeline Transporter

Energy Solutions has developed a communication and management product which enables gas pipeline operators to effectively communicate and share commercial and operational information with all its direct clients (Shippers) and third parties involved in the business cycle, such as Producers, Processors, other transporters and end users.

The product, known as Pipeline Transporter, is a transactional management tool to administer natural gas transportation contracts, with the ability to handle nominations, generate pipeline schedules, balance accounts and create invoices. Pipeline Transporter has been developed based on international industry standards.

Pipeline Transporter is an off the shelf software product that assists the owner of the gas transportation facilities by managing third party access of gas shipped on their facilities. The gas business cycle for a transporter is integrated into the product, from request for shipping of gas to invoicing for the shipment of gas.

With Pipeline Transporter, Energy Solutions addresses the general functional requirements required of the natural gas transportation market. Among those requirements are:

•Transportation Contract definition and transportation contract management
•Gas hourly and daily Nominations of Producers, Shippers, and Clients
•Confirmation based on contract terms and infrastructure availability
•Third party access to contract management
•Scheduling including the availability of point operators to perform curtailments
•Allocations based on pre-determined allocation (PDA) rules
•Daily commercial imbalance and gas accounting
•Gas quality management
•Gas inventory management
•Gas Operational balancing and bank management
•Invoicing and pre-invoicing availability directly from application
•Integration with simulation tools to assist in hydraulic validation of nominations
•SCADA and Gas Measurement System integration for collecting measured data
•Integration with General Ledger or ERP systems, including SAP and MS Dynamics
•Provide robust reporting capability in a form you can actually use
•Provide web access to counterparties for nominations and reporting
•Certify actual measurement data versus scheduled transactions
•Replace outboard spreadsheet applications
•Generate both industry standard and customized invoices and reports