Pipeline Scheduler

Pipeline Scheduler

From the wellhead to the market, pipeline companies face many challenges. Among these, pipeline scheduling is a key step in the critical path. The ability to move crude oil and refined products from one point to another as efficiently and economically as possible is the lifeblood of a pipeline company. The fact that pipeline transportation is rate controlled only serves to emphasize liquids scheduling as a key area where pipelines can optimize their operations for increased profit.

Pipeline Scheduler is a total software solution for pipeline scheduling. It organizes and consolidates all information required to generate short and long term schedules for liquid pipeline movements. Pipeline Scheduler helps pipeline companies schedule their pipelines efficiently and rapidly within a single application.

The Pipeline Scheduler solution includes:

•Nominations management
•Comprehensive pipeline and terminal scheduling
•Automated reconciliation between scheduled and actual operations
•Support for accounting and commercial groups
•Efficient, centralized information distribution

Pipeline Scheduler is a comprehensive, fully featured system designed to manage the commercial and operational data that are necessary to operate a pipeline efficiently. It allows the user to rapidly collect shipping requests and create a working schedule and manage that schedule through its active period. Schedules can be created based on nominated volumes or management of terminal inventories, or any combination of these. By consolidating data from nominations through batch planning, schedule revisions and interfacing with operations, Pipeline Scheduler can provide a central data repository to standardize information management for accounting and marketing groups, operations, engineering, and management.

This document provides an overview of the Pipeline Scheduler solution, including the system architecture, features and functions, and benefits of using Pipeline Scheduler for liquids scheduling.