Pipeline Manager

Pipeline Manager

Pipeline Manager delivers the industry most advanced and proven control room applications to enhance profitability by lowering operational costs, optimizing your pipeline throughput, and enhancing pipeline integrity monitoring. From leak detection and localization to inventory and capacity management, you will see quantifiable, bottom-line returns from all the applications provided by Pipeline Manager.

To compete effectively in todays marketplace, you have got to make the best use of business information. Pipeline Manager provides a fully transient model, which tells you exactly what is going on within your pipeline. It provides automated notification of future events and alarms and also calculates the survival time at different locations throughout your pipeline network. It supports predictive what-if scenarios, precise product tracking, and rapid decision making.

Pipeline Manager also includes simulator training functionality that can provide a comprehensive and realistic training environment for building confidence and capability in crisis response and contingency management. This application is invaluable as part of an Operator Qualification process.

When it comes to integrity management, Pipeline Manager provides one of the most sensitive and accurate leak detection systems available today. With its robust and highly detailed underlying transient thermo hydraulic model, it will notify you when pipeline integrity has been compromised by either a leak or product theft. The system provides a wealth of tools that can assist operators, controllers and supervisors making critical decisions as part of the integrity management process. This ensures maximum uptime and the minimum disruptions to your customers.

Energy Solutions also offer leak detection and batch tracking applications that can be installed and commissioned in a very short time frame products known as LeakWarn and PipeWorks. For an overview of the LeakWarn and PipeWorks products, click here. Once we understand your specific requirements Energy Solutions will be able to determine the correct solution for your business needs.

Use Pipeline Manager to:

•Detect and locate leaks
•Identify and locate theft
•Perform batch and product tracking
•Manage scraper/pig activity
•Track and optimize DRA
•Monitor system pressures at critical locations
•Alert operators about upcoming problems
•Avoid bottle necks
•Manage inventory and capacity
•Perform predictive what-if analysis
•Plan operations for today and the near future
•Optimize real time conditions
•Improve and optimize operator training and qualification