Pipe Works

Pipe Works

Pipe Works provided a suite of software products created and supported by a team of experienced pipeline hydraulics specialists. Since the acquisition the Pipe Works team and products have been successfully integrated into the Energy Solutions organization and product portfolio.

Pipe Works Solutions


LeakWarn focuses the operators attention on the hydraulic performance of the pipeline, the pipeline system inventory, and safety aspects such as leak detection. With a unique mathematical model simulating operating conditions in real time, LeakWarn shows the operator and others a complete hydraulic picture of the pipeline, including the position of all batches, allowing the operator to make money saving decisions. In the event of a leak, LeakWarn highlights the situation quickly and reliably.

LeakWarn is a valuable addition to the Energy Solutions portfolio of pipeline operation management solutions alongside Pipeline Manager. Energy Solutions will use our 30+ years of industry experience to thoroughly review your business requirements and determine which of our solutions is best for you.

Pipe Scheduler

Pipe Scheduler plans and balances timely arrivals of liquids with flexibility and efficient use of pipeline facilities. By knowing exactly where batches are and when they are required to arrive, operators can ensure efficient and safe operations, while providing maximum flexibility to customers. Pipe Scheduler ties directly into real-time pipeline inventory, ensuring batch movements & pumping orders are accurate and up to date.

In addition to Pipe Scheduler, Energy Solutions also offers Pipe line Scheduler, a component of the Pipeline Transporter for Liquids suite, as another alternative.