Gas Load Forecaster

Gas Load Forecaster

Gas load Forecaster is an neural network-driven intelligent system that significantly improves the forecast accuracy of your customers gas demand. Gas load Forecaster greatly reduces your supply risk and drives operational efficiencies by significantly reducing forecast calculation time. Gas load Forecaster arms you with the right information to make critical decisions, resulting in greater flexibility, agility and increasing customer service.

Comparison versus predicted throughput.

While many forecasting tools exist in the market today, Gas load Forecaster is focused solely on the gas market and has consistently outperformed its competitors in speed of calculation, ease-of-use, and accuracy. Gain competitive advantage with the tools that you need to take the widest variety of data sources and translate them reliably into a load forecast. Gas load Forecaster supports your business decisions with the following capabilities.

Use Gas load Forecaster to:

•Capacity management
•Demand forecasting
•Imbalance management
•Neural network forecasting