Masonry Construction Design and Analysis Software


RISAMasonry offers a complete answer for analysis and design of masonry construction. RISAMasonry designs masonry walls, columns and beams (lintels) to the latest codes and includes a library of masonry units. The program addresses the working stress design of beams, columns and both in-plane and out-of-plane walls. The program designs slender walls using the iterative strength design method.

RISAMasonry software RISAMasonry Specifications

• Perform analysis and design of shear walls and out of plane walls, both reinforced and unreinforced, as well as grouted, partially grouted, or ungrouted
• Perform analysis and design of masonry columns, bond beams and lintels
• Design Codes: UBC 97, MSJC 99 & 02
• High quality detail reports including axial, shear and moment diagrams, code checks, design values used and input information
• Standard Metric & Standard Imperial units available, or a mixture of both; also allow you to switch between and convert units
• Cracked and uncracked analysis for in plane shear walls.
• Slender wall design option considering second order effects for out of plane walls
• Allows for eccentric axial load applied to the top of your walls
• T-Beam analysis for partially-grouted out of plane walls.
• Consideration of arching action for lintel design
• Ability to save multiple walls, columns and beams in the same file
• Context-sensitive help file within the program with index
• Tapered surface loads on out of plane walls
• Constant in-stream error checking and data validation prevent user errors
• Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista