Waste Water Treatment Simulation Software


GPS-X is a modular, multi-purpose computer software for the modeling and simulation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Whether you are designing a now facility, or simulating an existing plant, GPS-X will help improve your design quality and operating efficiency.

Improved performance of your treatment plant does not depend an increase in its size and complexity. You can improve capacity, operating efficiency and effluent quality by properly optimizing your existing facilities. Then the result in dramatic capital savings and lower operating costs.


• Accurately size unit processes.
• Save process design time
• Minimize operational costs while meeting effluent quality requirements
• Select the best design alternatives
• Investigate process changes that are required to achieve nutrient removal in your plant
• Evaluate multiple scenarios efficiently
• Predict the effects of taking one of your unit processes off-line for maintenance
• Recover in the shortest possible time from plant upsets
• Accurately evaluate process control improvements
• Train operators by illustrating the effect of operating decisions on plant performance
• Implement CSO controls.
• Evaluate the economic impact of water conservation
• Control mass balances through your plant
• Achieve confidence in your design


The modular nature of GPS-X means that you purchase only those capabilities you need at the present time, while still retaining the option of expanding in the future as your needs change. This ensures that your time and financial resources are invested wisely.

• Simulator analyzer
• Builder
• Optimizer
• Dynamic Parameter Estimator
• Respirogram Evaluator
• Advanced control – MATLAB interface
• Scenario Manager

Simple Drag-and-Drop Control and Graph Creation All input and output and other operations is now done with a quick drag-and-drop action only. New graph types and features (including customizable graph colours) are also available.

GPS-X software Reporting Feature

GPS-X software now creates reports directly in Microsoft Excel format, including images, graphs, parameter settings, and simulation results