Design Master HVAC

Design Master HVAC

HVAC Design Software

Design Master HVAC

Design Master HVAC is a complete ductwork drafting and calculation software program that works directly inside AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

Duct Design

• Duct Layout
• Diffusers
• Fittings
• CFM and Sizing Calculations
• Pressure Loss Calculations
• 3D Drafting and BIM

Duct Layout

Design Master HVAC makes it easy for a designer or engineer to lay out their ductwork in AutoCAD. You can focus on the big picture as you design your HVAC system and not get bogged down with constant data entry.

• Simple Duct Centerlines
• Double-Line Ductwork
• Single-Line Ductwork
• Hidden Lines Draw Automatically


Design Master HVAC makes it easy to create diffusers and use them in your design process.

• Diffuser Callouts
• Assign CFM to Diffusers
• Customize Diffuser Graphics
• Connect Diffusers to Ducts
• Diffuser Schedules


Design Master HVAC automatically inserts duct fittings when drawing the double-line ductwork.

• Automatic Fittings
• Automatic Turning Vanes
• Easy to Edit

CFM and Sizing Calculations

Design Master HVAC integrates the duct sizing calculations directly into the drafting of the ductwork. You set the CFM values at the diffusers, define a sizing method, and the software takes care of the rest. Never spin a Ductulator again.

• Choose Your Sizing Method

Pressure Loss Calculations

The pressure in a system is automatically calculated by Design Master. The pressure drop is calculated based upon the CFM in the ducts, the duct shape and lengths, and the particular fittings used in the duct section.

The critical path can be highlighted on your drawing. You can then adjust your design to reduce the pressure drop if necessary.

A report list all of the pressure numbers for the critical path can be generated. An ID tag links the ducts on the drawing with the rows on the report. The pressure numbers for the first section of ductwork can be used to size the fan for your HVAC systems.

3D Drafting and BIM Compatibility

Design Master HVAC can generate a full 3D-BIM model of the ductwork and equipment. The mechanical model can be exported to an IFC file. The IFC file can be importanted into Revit, Navisworks, and Sketchup and used to for 3D collision detection.

Hangers can be included for the ductwork in both 2D and 3D for projects that require that level of detail in their model.

Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

Building Setup

The heating and cooling load calculations function entirely within AutoCAD. Your building is defined in AutoCAD over the top of your architects backgrounds.

The main components of your building definition are:
• Project Information
• Floors and Roofs
• Wall Information
• Room Information
• Zones

• Reports
• Psychrometrics
• Ventilation Calculation (ASHRAE 62 & 2006 IMC)
• Comparison with Carrier HAP, Trane Trace, and Loadsoft