CADWorx Design Review

Quicker Review Cycles

Collaborate and review designs quicker and more intuitively. By using 3D, users are able to reduce the need to interpret designs via paper printouts and other non-interactive methods. Design Review improves collaboration with tools for markups, design comments and redlining.

Stunning Performance

The intuitive interface of CADWorx Design Review and its performance-baseddesign makes manipulating and moving around even the largest modelsquick and smooth.

Impressive File Compression

With CADWorx Design Review, file conversion times are impressively fast, and the review files produced are up to one-eighth the original model size.

Ideal for Multi-Model Designs

There is no need to manually load the separate model files that make up a design. If files are externally referenced, these are automatically included in the review model.

Accurate Visualization

Powerful visualization tools provide settings for color, transparency and model shadows. With flexible selectionsets, it is also possible to adjust settings, not only for singlecomponents, but for layers, specs, service, line numbers etc. in fact,for any selection set available to the user.

Intelligent Information

Access the same model information as you would within a CADWorx design session. Component names and descriptions, line numbers, weights and other plant design data are all available.

Editable Animations

Creatinginformative and stunning animations is simple with CADWorx Design Review. Users can set out animation paths and edit the path line at anypoint. The view direction on any point of the animation path can also be edited in a combination of the six degrees of freedom, plus viewangle.

Intergraph CADWorx Design Create

CADWorx Design Create, an add-on to CADWorx Design Review, gives the ability topublish optional date-limited and password protected review models that can be read by CADWorx Design Review and CADWorx Design Viewer.

Intergraph CADWorx Design Viewer

CADWorx Design Viewer is a free viewer that allows project stakeholders to view models published using CADWorx Design Create.