AFT Titan

AFT Titan

Compressible flow Piping & Ducting System software

With ever increasing complexity, sizing today’s compressible flow systems for minimal cost surpasses the best traditional design methods. Human intelligence cannot comprehensively handle the often staggering number of variables involved, resulting in missed opportunities to reduce cost.

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Now, AFT Titan™ with IntelliFlow® eliminates these boundaries. Providing the systems engineer a new technology to intelligently size the system as a whole, your compressible flow piping system can be optimally sized resulting in substantial cost savings. With comprehensive system modeling capabilities, a flexible graphical interface and an advanced optimization engine, AFT Titan offers a quantum leap improvement to the traditional pipe and duct design process.

Engineering optimizations will determine optimal pipe sizes to minimize one of the following as selected by the user:

• Pipe weight
• Pipe plus fluid weight
• Pipe volume
• Pipe surface area