AFT Impluse

AFT Impluse

Water Hammer Modeling / Analysis in Piping System


Waterhammer and other analysis tools of the past have been noted for being difficult to use and requiring extensive specialized knowledge. As a result, this critical aspect of piping system operation and design has often been overlooked. But no longer. Now AFT Impulse analysis software offers the ease of use of a drag and drop interface and built-in waterhammer modeling expertise.

AFT Impluse

AFT Impulse analysis software helps you design and operate your systems with greater reliability and safety by avoiding the potentially catastrophic effects of waterhammer and other undesirable system transients.

AFT Impulse software models are built in a graphical environment, displaying the model in a familiar schematic format. Any models consist upon pipes and junctions with the following junction types available:

• Reservoir (up to 25 pipes connected, transient level)
• Branch (up to 25 pipes connected to each)
• Pump (assigned flow or pump curve, transient speed, in four quadrant modeling, pump trip & startup)
• Assigned flow (transient in/out flow)
• Assigned pressure (transient pressure)
• Stop valve (valve closure/opening)
• One way valve (check valve function)
• Tee/Wye (utilizes Idelchik & Miller loss modeling)
• Area change
• Relief valve (end of line or inline)
• Control valve (pressure & flow, transient setpoint)
• Gas and liquid accumulator (user specified volume, gas constant & connecting pipe)
• Surge tank (constant or variable cross section vs height)
• Vacuum breaker valve
• Volume Balance (model interface of two different fluids)
• General component (user defined component)


AFT Impulse analysis software has been applied with great success in many industries, including:

• Overland oil transport
• Refined petroleum products and distribution
• Chemical plants
• Municpal water supply systems
• Offshore drilling
• Space launch vehicle support systems
• Coal processing
• Bubble jet printers