AFT Fathom

AFT Fathom

Incompressible Pipe Flow Modeling Software


The challenges are clear now the answers are, too. Functionally is no longer enough. Your fluid handling systems must be energy efficient while providing a high degree of operability and reliability, tightly integrated with other systems.

AFT Fathom

AFT Fathom includes a huge built-in library of fluids and fittings, variable model configurations, pump and control valve modeling and much more. With the optional Thermo-physical database of over 600 fluids is available to further expand the envelope of your analysis and design.

AFT Fathom Add-on Modules
Extend AFT Fathom's modeling capabilities with three, available Add-on Modules:

• XTS-eXtended Time Simulation to model dynamic system behavior
• GSC-Goal Seek and Control to automate the determination of input parameters that will yield desired output values and simulate control functions within systems
• CST-CoST calculations of pipes and components


AFT Fathom has been applied with great success in any industry you can think of. A partial list of these includes:

• Power generation
• Chemical and petrochemical
• Oil and refined products distribution
• Nuclear
• Marine
• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Airport facilities
• Refrigeration
• Semi-conductor and microelectronics
• Pulp and paper processing
• Fire suppression
• Municipal water distribution
• Wastewater treatment plant design
• Mining support systems
• Biomedical products and pharmaceutical processing


AFT Fathom models are built in a graphically environment, displaying the model in a familiar schematic format. AFT Fathom models contain two modes, pipes and junctions. Junction types included are:

• Reservoir (up to 25 pipes may be connected to each)
• Branch (up to 25 pipes may be connected to each)
• Pump (as fixed specified flow or pump and single or multiple configurations)
• Heat exchanger
• Assigned flow
• Assigned pressure
• Area change
• Bend
• Tee/wye (uses the Idelchik and Miller loss relationships)
• Valve
• One way valve (check valves and relief valves)
• Control valve (pressure control through reducing sustaining, constant pressure drop, flow - may be specified as fail open or close and fail upon reverse flow)
• Dead end
• Orifice
• Venturi
• Screen
• Spray discharge (single or multiple outlets [sparger])
• Eductor/jet pump
• Volume balance (differing fluids interface)
• General component (user defined component)