Power Plant Simulation and Design Software

Program Power Plant Simulator & Designer is designed for engineering complex heat exchangers e.g. steam boilers, power stations etc

The Power Plant Simulator & Designer allows the user to build quickly a graphical schematic representation for a plant in a graphical user interface (GUI) by selecting from a library of predefined power plant elements to simulate their operation. Element connections for fluid-flow paths, mechanical couples, or signal/logic flow paths are based on connectivity rules, defined for each element. The connection of elements is intuitively implemented with mouse operations allowing only valid connections.

Some elements are hierarchical and can hold nested groups. Such an organization helps to make schemes of complicated objects with no limitations on element quantity.

Different boiler types:

• Natural circulation boiler
• Forced circulation
• Force flow boiler (once through boiler)
• Benson-boiler (supercritical)
• Municipal waste incinerator
• Fire tube boilers
• Hot water boiler
• Fluidized bed combustion
• Other heat exchangersHeat transfer medium
• Gases with real properties (Joule- Thomson- effect) (more than 20 different gases)
• All fluids (user defined)
• Water with two phase flow
• Dust and slag with infrared radiation

Technical features

• complete thermal calculation
• calculation of the pressure dropefficiency calculation
• all kind of recirculations
• A heat exchanger can be divided into zones to consider different temperatures and mass flows
• approx. 60 different elements (heat exchanger, spray cooler and so on) are available
• almost any combinations of heaters, coolers, combustion chambers are possible
• performance range from 100 kW to 1500MW
• hot water boiler ( shell tube, water tube and waste heat boiler)
• nominal load calculation i.e. presetting of steam weight flow: The temperatures, pressures and fuel consumption are calculated.
• easily part load calculation
• correct calculation of the vaporization in economizer
• combustion calculation and post-combustion
• high pressure flue gas possible
• heat exchange with real gases like CH4, H2 etc.
• working in the network
• graphical surface with icons and pull down menus
• user-definable fields for input and output
• C++ programming language
• executable with MS Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 all 32 and 64 bit