Piping System Hydraulic and Thermal Analysis Software

PIPE-FLO is a comprehensive piping system hydraulic and thermal analysis software package. From concept and design to commissioning and operation, PIPE-FLO provides a clear picture of your piping systems throughout the life of the facility by implementing equations and solution methods from industry standards and references such as ASME, ANSI, HI, ISA and NIST. PIPE-FLO provides dependable results that can be relied upon for critical safety decisions.

Incorporating a rich set of features and tools, PIPE-FLO Professional offers a variety of ways to view and analyze luid piping systems. The visibility gained using PIPE-FLO Professional allows a higher level of common understanding across all departments throughout the entire life cycle of their systems. Using PIPE-FLO Professional, the system design engineer, process engineer, operations supervisor or plant operator can model and visualize how the total system operates under different conditions, allowing users to proactively manage plant maintenance and operational duties. The program also provides executives and managers with information needed to provide a clear path for design advancements while saving energy costs, reducing waste and increasing ROI.

These key PIPE-FLO features can help you to achieve your goals for any phase of a piping system project:

Convenient and lexible interface

• Windows can be docked, tabbed, closed, or undocked and placed outside of the main window to accommodate everything from laptops to multiple monitor setups.
• Dynamic interaction between the FLO-Sheet, property grid, messages and list view windows provides a worklow synergy for creating, viewing, editing and troubleshooting the model.
• Help is integrated throughout the interface to provide quick access to the information you need to understand your model. Links to results message details, calculation methods and program usage are conveniently located.
• Common editing and selection commands provide familiarity when manipulating objects on the FLO-sheet.
• Default project ile streamlines the creation of new systems.
• Units for viewing or data input may be changed at any time within the model.