Power Plant Design / Analysis Software


IPSEpro is a set of software modules for creating process models and for utilizing these models throughout the lifecycle of process plants.

IPSEpro software

IPSEpro's modules are used to

• Calculate heat balances and predict design and off-design performance
• Estimate costs during conceptual design
• Verify and validate measurements during acceptance tests
• Monitor and optimize plant performance on-line
• Plan modifications and repowering of existing plants

There are great advantages of using IPSEpro as a single software system rather than isolated products:

• A single model can be used throughout the lifecycle.
• Using the same calculation engine and mathematical methods ensures consistent results.
• One common interface for all purposes facilitates the usage.

IPSEpro is used for:

• Heat balance analysis of power plants
• Component design
• Acceptance test calculations
• On-line optimization Power Plant Manufacturers
• Conceptual Design
• Layout Optimization
• Off-Design analysis

Plant Operators

• What-if Studies
• Monitoring
• On-line Optimization

Areas where IPSEpro is used
Energy supply

• Conventional power plants
• Combined cycle plants
• Industrial heat and power supply
• District heating systems
• Waste heat recovery

Equipment modeling

• Gas turbines
• Steam turbines
• Boilers

Alternative Energy Sources

• Solar energy production
• Biomass processes

Other industrial processes

• Waste water treatment
• Refrigeration processes
• Desalination processes