A Process Gas Compressor Program utilizing BWR Equations of State

Gas Flex is an easy to use PC based Windows program that uses Benedict-Webb-Rubin (BWR) equations of state for accurate compressor performance analysis.

Program features include:

* State Point Calculation - Input a pressure and temperature, Gas Flex calculates enthalpy, entropy, saturation point, specific volume, sonic velocity, Cp , K value, and dynamic viscosity.

* Saturation Point Calculation - Input a pressure or temperature, Gas Flex calculates the corresponding saturation temperature or pressure.

* Compressor Estimation - Input flow rate, inlet conditions, & discharge pressure, Gas Flex calculates inlet and discharge volume flow, polytropic head, discharge temperature, and gas power for multi-section compressors including sideloads.

* Compressor Test Data - Input field or factory test data, Gas Flex calculates overall compressor performance including flow rates, power, and efficiency. Note - this option can also be used to verify compressor performance in new proposals.

* Detailed Printout - includes all relevant pressures, temperatures, enthalpies, specific volume, performance calculations and field test results.

* Control of Units - for any input or output item. All of the commonly used units (e. g. psia, Bar a, kg/cm2 a, etc.) are available. Pull Down Windows are used for ease of program operation.

Presently, more than 90 gases are included in Gas Flex. Most of the commonly used hydrocarbons plus nitrogen, oxygen, air, refrigerants including R-134, and water vapor are available.

FLEXWARE LIVE - Online Performance Monitoring for Turbomachinery

Features Include:

* Dynamic Data Transfer

* Data Trend Plot

* Speed Compensated Curve

* Coefficient Curve