A Process Gas Compressor Program utilizing BWR Equations of State

Gas Flex® is an easy to use PC based Windows program that uses Benedict-Webb-Rubin (BWR) equations of state for accurate compressor performance analysis.

Program features include:

* State Point Calculation - Input a pressure and temperature, Gas Flex® calculates enthalpy, entropy, saturation point, specific volume, sonic velocity, Cp , K value, and dynamic viscosity.

* Saturation Point Calculation - Input a pressure or temperature, Gas Flex® calculates the corresponding saturation temperature or pressure.

* Compressor Estimation - Input flow rate, inlet conditions, & discharge pressure, Gas Flex® calculates inlet and discharge volume flow, polytropic head, discharge temperature, and gas power for multi-section compressors including sideloads.

* Compressor Test Data - Input field or factory test data, Gas Flex® calculates overall compressor performance including flow rates, power, and efficiency. Note - this option can also be used to verify compressor performance in new proposals.

* Detailed Printout - includes all relevant pressures, temperatures, enthalpies, specific volume, performance calculations and field test results.

* Control of Units - for any input or output item. All of the commonly used units (e. g. psia, Bar a, kg/cm2 a, etc.) are available. Pull Down Windows are used for ease of program operation.

Presently, more than 90 gases are included in Gas Flex®. Most of the commonly used hydrocarbons plus nitrogen, oxygen, air, refrigerants including R-134, and water vapor are available.

FLEXWARE LIVE - Online Performance Monitoring for Turbomachinery

Features Include:

* Dynamic Data Transfer

* Data Trend Plot

* Speed Compensated Curve

* Coefficient Curve