Engineers Aide SiNET

Engineers Aide SiNET

Fluid Flow Analysis, Equipment Sizing and Costing Software

Welcome to the world of Engineers Aide SiNET, where equipment sizing and costing, fluid flow simulation, and pipeline network analysis can easily be performed within this powerful software solution.

Engineer's Aide SiNET provides software applications to size and cost over 20 different classes of equipment while also providing you with the most advanced fluid flow simulator in the industry, best-in-class physical property components, and additional applications for ASME Steam Tables and unit conversions. Built specifically for engineer's engaged in the oil, gas, and chemical industries, Engineer's Aide SiNET will quickly begin saving you time and money working at a higher level and with more confidence when utilized in your everyday routine.

The benefit of fluid flow simulation software is that it provides details of flow and pressure at any point in a small or large piping system. The application of fluid flow simulation to plant-wide utility systems for steam, condensate, compressed air, fuel gas, cooling water, process water, etc has been proven-out over the past 30 years to allow a full understanding of these systems so that root-cause problems can be identified and corrected at minimal or no cost.

Since Engineers Aide SiNET provides over 20 software programs within a single application you will be able to quickly and easily perform tasks such as sizing a new heat exchanger or control valve, designing a new pressure vessel, or estimating the cost to purchase additional compressors or tanks.

Engineers Aide SiNET is also updated regularly with the best-in-class physical properties available via the AIChE DIPPR Database. With thousands of components to choose from including liquids and gases, you are sure to find what you are looking for and have confidence the data is accurate.

EPCON Software pioneered the development of a new class of simulation software to simulate the flow and pressure of piping systems. Developed over the past 30 years, no other comparable software application available offers the number of features that Engineers Aide SiNET offers.

EPCON Software is the leading developer of fluid flow simulation and pipe flow analysis software in the world. In 1984, we developed the first ever suite of engineering software applications and have overtime molded our software into the industry leading solutions. Used every day by over 25,000 engineers worldwide, our software solutions have been tested and proven to be the best.

System Design

Design a large assortment of systems including steam, compressed air, cooling water, ?re water and fuel gas systems or design segments of systems such as a single pipe and pipe

Fluid Flow Simulation

After designing your system you can run and simulate to determine critical information such as pressure and ?ow rates. SiNETs convergence speed is the best in the industry

Pipeline Network Analysis

After convergence you can tweak the system by running multiple scenarios such as increasing the size of certain pipes to reach optimal system performance levels by eliminate bottlenecks

Physical Property Components

Includes the industry leading AIChE DIPPR database covering nearly 2000 components

Unit Conversions

Robust unit conversion calculator provides thousands of units and conversion options in a single application


Sizing for pipes and ducts


Size and cost estimation including horizontal, vertical, inline, multi-stage, and submersible

Control Valves

Sizing including globe, angle, ball, and butter?y

Pressure Vessels

Size, design and cost estimation including horizontal, vertical, and spherical

Fans and Blowers

Size & Cost Estimation

Heat Exchangers

Size, design and cost estimation for shell and tube, plate and frame, and ?n fan


Size and cost estimation for centrifugal and reciprocal


Size, design, and cost estimation for petroleum and chemical storage

Distillation Columns

Design and cost estimation for trays and packing

Cooling Towers

Cost estimation including packaged and erected

Refrigeration Units

Cost estimation including absorption, mechanical, and steam jet