BATCH Reactor Software

General Features

• Interactive, menu driven input
• On-line help screens
• Extensive data checking
• Graphical display of process equipment
• Customized reports
• On-line, real-time display of results during calculations
• Calculation interruption
• Integration into CHEMCAD flowsheets
• Flexible engineering units

Chemical Design

• Unlimited number of species
• Unlimited number of simultaneous reactions
• Choice of Arrhenius of Langmuir- Hinshelwood rate equations forms
• Regression of kinetic process data


CC-ReACS uses the CHEMCAD thermodynamics and physical properties system which has been used and proven in a wide range of processes for over fifteen years.

Reactor Design
• Multiple Coils and jackets
• Service or process side heat exchangers and electric heaters
• Heat transfer rate calculation; includes calculation of process and services side film coefficients
• Vapor and liquid draws permitted
• Batch, semi-batch or continuous operation
• Vessel pressurization calculated

Auxillary Equipment

Any unit operation may be used with the batch reactor to flexibly model the process, including: dynamic vessel, heat exchanger, mixer, divider, separator, calve, pump etc.

Control System

• User specified PID loops
• Multiple ramp or step changers in setpoint
• Control of reactor or jacket temperature differential
• Level controllers
• Pressure controllers
• Cascade control
• Heat-cool-chill system with safety interlocks
• Split range controllers

Reactive Distillation

CC-ReACS is fully integrates with CHEMCAD dynamic distillation column simulator, CC-DColumn.

Batch Reactor Output

CC-ReACS provides graphical or tabular time histories for any stream or unit operation parameters, as well as batch reactor output that includes.

• Compositions
• Pressure
• Temperature
• Heat of reaction
• Utility flowrates
• Liquid level
• Reaction mass physical properties
• Rates of formation
• Yields
• Conversions