Unified Scheduling System

HSHED H/ SCHED is a production Scheduling software modules which is used all over the world for Scheduling feedstocks, operations and products in refineries and petrochemical plants. Since 1991, this linear scheduling & pipeline scheduling software application has become the worlds leading production scheduling Software.

Many companies have been developing different sorts of linear scheduling software and applications for pipeline scheduling but they failed to develop scheduling software up to world class standards of H/SCHED Production Scheduling software.

H/SCHED production and pipeline scheduling software consists of a number of modules which can be assembled and configured to meet the specific production scheduling situations. There is no specific hardware requirement as such to run H/SCHED Production Scheduling software modules as this can be installed on any standard computer.

It can take days to manually create a schedule and every scheduling situation has unique and individual aspects. The H/SCHED Linear scheduling approach allows these to be handled from developed software modules and thereby avoid the costs, delays and risks of custom development.

HSHEDH/SCHED Scheduling Software can be configured to a complete event based Linear Scheduling and Pipeline Scheduling application when a new requirement is encountered. And specific need is met by adding small extensions to existing Linear Scheduling software modules. This world class Scheduling software H/SCHED is designed to integrate scheduling with crude data management (H/CAMS) and with planning (GRTMPS). H/SCHED is used to create applications from production to pipeline scheduling systems for refinery and petrochemical plants. H/SCHED can be used to build applications from Crude Supply Scheduling, Refinery Operations Scheduling to Distribution and Regional Transportation Scheduling.