Crude Assay Management Software

HCAMSH/CAMS is a comprehensive family of crude assay management software applications, databases and services. Detailed information about the qualities of crude oils is very important to refining and petrochemical companies for a variety of decisions. This crude assay management system determines and relates the effects associated with mixing and distilling of crude assays and many other hydrocarbons. H/CAMS has been used by hundreds of companies around the globe. It accept hundreds of different crude , distillate, and residue properties, report, correlate and calculate otherwise. Its simple interface allows user to enter assay data easily and results can be displayed in form of graphs. Users can create customize reports and then export them to various other applications like Microsoft excel etc.
This crude assay management system (H/CAMS) features several useful utilities that allow easy updating of existing assays with refinery laboratory or current operating data and assure accurate representations. H/CAMS may be supplied with one or more high quality, industry developed crude assay libraries to supplement a user's local library and extend the application of the system.

There are two main modules which make up the full Crude Assay Management System (H/CAMS )

ICDM1 iCDM     Interactive Crude Data Manager

iCDM is a full Windows PC-based system that solves the problem of getting crude oil laboratory data into a usable form. The user works through a series of menu and input screens to enter lab data. These data may be saved and later retrieved to make any necessary additions or corrections. Once lab data have been entered, they may be viewed graphically where the data may be smoothed, adjusted or augmented interactively.

CAL2CAL-II     Crude Initialization and Cut Property Estimator

The CAL-II software package can process and manage all major crude oil properties and blending characteristics. CAL-II will work with your existing corporate assay database or it can be augmented with high quality assay libraries. CAL-II offers enhanced economic, strategic and operating decision support. CAL-II is easy to use and easy to connect to your planning package or other related applications.

Interface Modules are available to link to all commercial LP Planning and Process Simulation applications.

HCAMS A new web based online version of H/CAMS (Crude Assay Management System) is available which is known as H/COMET ( Crude Oil Management Evaluation Tool). H/COMET allows for the quick access and evaluation of crude oils from a large, on-line crude assay database. Crudes may be easily cut, blended, compared, and analyzed using advanced graphical and computational techniques. H/COMET uses LP optimization technology to calculate netback value for selected crude or blends of crude.