LP Planning System

Process modeling and linear programming optimization software for refinery production planning

Linear Programming SoftwareToday, Refinery planning and optimization is mainly addressed through linear programming software. GRTMPS (G4) is a newly updated LP Planning software which is an easy-to-use, technically rich refinery planning software designed to meet all the needs of today's businesses. This state-of-the-art linear programming software package is used at more than 120 installation sites in 20 different countries around globe.

This refinery production planning software is designed for short and long range refinery planning. Refineries use GRTMPS - LP software to create many linear programming models and for many different LP planning functions and such as:


  • General Plant Optimization
  • Linear programming optimization
  • Feedstock Evaluation / Allocation
  • Assess the performance of the plant
  • Purchase / Sale / Trade Analysis
  • New Facilities Analysis
  • Debottlenecking Analysis
  • Transportation Analysis Between Plants
  • Inventory Planning Analysis

This Linear programming software (GRTMPS) can model Refineries and Petrochemical Plants of any size and complexity and can use many different linear programming optimization and refinery process modeling techniques to create Linear programming model. Hundreds of transportation links of different types such as rail, ship, pipeline and multiples of each can be modeled with this refinery process modeling LP software to plan and optimize refinery process.

There are more linear programming softwares but GRTMPS (G4) Refinery Process Modeling Software is delivered with a complete set of table formats for data entry, a solver, and a complete report writer. The report writer of this LP software includes output formats for printed copy, spreadsheet input, and graphical display. Reports are also completely end-user configurable in Excel. Output files are produced for input into 3rd party packages such as databases, spreadsheets, and report writers. In addition to supported input files and formats, input files may be maintained in a database, downloadable into spreadsheets or flat files for direct use in GRTMPS (G4). Many different alternative file management schemes are possible.

For more information about this linear programming optimization tool please contact engineering computation, and we will be very happy to assist you.

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