Planning and Scheduling Softwares

Software solutions based on Linear Programming (LP) technique have emerged as leaders among various mathematical optimization techniques available to optimize the entire supply chain from crude evaluation and selection, production planning and product logistic planning

OmniSuite is a unique collection of softwares for refinery and petrochemical plants. OmniSuite simplifies the refinery processes by unifying refinery software from crude stock supply up to the delivery and distribution finished products.

OmniSuite is sufficiently flexible that any combination of the modules can be assembled for a specific application and it can be implemented in any database environment.

Major refinery softwares which are included in OmniSuite are listed below: 

  • GRTMPS ( G4 ) - LP Planning Software: The G4 Planning System is an OmniSuite application. This refinery software is used for many different LP planning functions
  • H/SCHED – Scheduling Software for Refinery: An OmniSuite Software Module for scheduling feedstocks, operations and products in refineries and petrochemical plants
  • H/CAMS – Crude Assay Management System: H/CAMS is a comprehensive family of refinery software applications, databases and services that are dedicated to crude assay management.
  • HCOMET – Crude Oil Management Evaluation Tool: This OmniSuite module is a web based software for refinery and petrochemical plants for crude oil management evaluation.

For more information about Omnisuite family of refinery software, please contact or checkout the individual refinery software details.