Paladin DesignBase

Paladin DesignBase

Power Systems Design and Simulation Platform

Paladin DesignBase is the most comprehensive power systems engineering modeling platform available today... and the only platform that allows design models to be re-deployed in live mode, using Power Analytics Paladin Live real-time model-validated analytics solution. Unlike conventional design/CAD packages, Paladin DesignBase gives power systems professionals the means to create more than simple CAD drawings: they create a robust electrical designbase a detailed knowledge base of all the components, processes, and performance specifications of their entire electrical distribution system.

Key Paladin DesignBase features include:

  • A master model-based architecture for integrated design and analysis

  • The most extensive range of integrated, specialized programs, with more than a dozen core programs and 30+ optional programs

  • An 800-component intelligent symbols catalog, customizable by the user with more than 100,000 device-specific manufacturers' specifications

  • An easy-to-navigate user interface, allowing unprecedented ease of use

  • Personal and design team-based productivity features, data management tools

  • Unrivaled compatibility with third-party programs