PCB ( Electronic Design Software )

PROTUES Virtual System Modelling (VSM)

PROTUES combines advanced schematic capture, mixed mode SPICE simulation, PCB layout and autorouting to make a complete electronic design system

PCB software

The PROTUES product range also includes our revolutionary VSM technology, which allow you to simulate micro-controller based design, complete with all the surrounding electronic.

Product Features

• ISIS Schematic Capture an easy to use yet and extremely powerful tool for entering your design
• PROSPICE Mixed mode SPICE Simulation industry standard SPICE3F5 simulator upgradeable to our unique virtual system modeling technology
• ARES PCB Layout
• Modern Graphical User Interface standardized across all modules
• Runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP or Later
• Technical Support direct form the author
• Rated best overall products

Intelligent Schematic Input System (ISIS)

ISIS lies right at the heart of the PROTUES system and is far more than just another schematic package. It has powerful environment to control most aspects of the drawing appearance. whether your requirement is the rapid entry of complex design for simulation & PCB layout, Or the creation of attractive Schematic for publication ISIS is the right tool for the job Product Features

• Produces publication quality schematic
• Style templates allow customization of supplied library
• Mouse driven context sensitive user interface
• Automatic wire routing and junction dot placement
• Full support for buses including sub- circuit ports and bus pins
• Large and growing component library of over 8000 parts

VSM (Virtual System Modelling)

Proteus VSM is an extension of the PROSPICE simulator that facilities co-simulation of microprocessor based design including all the associated electronics. Furthermore, you can interact with the microcontroller software through the use of animated keypads, switches, buttons, LEDs, lamps and even LCD displays.


• CPU models available for many popular microcontrollers including PIC, AVR, HC11 and 8051
• Interactive device models include LED and LCD displays, RS232 terminal, universal keypad plus a range of switches, buttons, pots, LEDs, 7 seg displays and more.
• Extensive debugging facilities including register and memory contents, breakpoints and single step modes.
• Source level debugging for selected development tools including IAR C-SPY and Keil uVision 2.