Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Electric Simulation (Electrostatic, AC Electric and Electric Conduction)

• Predict and prevent dielectric breakdown and electronic discharge issue
• Accurately model and simulate the electric behavior of biological tissues
• Design MEMS based devices based on electrostatic actuation
• Study the impact of conductivity on your power budget

Magnetic Simulation (Magnetostatic, AC Magnetic and Transient Magnetic)

• Study performance of your motors and linear actuators
• Compute the forces acting on components due to magnetic field
• Build and study the working of innovative products using permanent magnet arrays
• Design and study the performance of transformers and inductors

Multi-physics (Thermal, Motion and Structural)

• Analyze complex moving machine with coupled EM and motion simulation
• Compute thermal stresses and identify vulnerable areas in my designs using coupled EM and thermal simulation
• Design electric components like motors, generators, transformers etc where thermal management is a key issue