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A Casting Optimisation Module

OPTICastAs the name implies, OPTICast is a casting optimization module which simulates the casting design process, giving more accurate results in molding and solid casting. OPTICast works in integration with SOLIDCast and provides an automatic casting design solution to engineers. It uses the HyperOpt mathematical optimization system to optimize values for models created using SOLIDCast. The 3D CAD designs and modelling provided by SOLIDCast are actually submitted to OPTICast to analyze the size and properties of riser and gating components.

With OPTICast, engineers can define a range of allowable changes in casting design which decide the quality and outcome of the final cast. The initial gating and risering designs are created in SOLIDCast using the gating and riser design wizards, which are then, optimized using OPTICast. By using OPTICast, engineers can automate the simulation process to provided optimized riser designs in a short amount of time.

How OPTICast works

Once the initial gating and riser design is created using SOLIDCast, the design is then optimized with this Casting Optimisation tool. There are several inputs which are provided by the user at this stage to produce the optimized cast.

Design Variables

The elements which can be changed or kept variable are defined at the first step. These design variables normally include the height, width, thickness or diameter of a riser. The temperature of the investment shell or the poured molten metal can also be kept variable to produce different outputs.


Any constraints which have to be followed are provided in the next step. Constraints normally include a minimum or maximum limit for the different elements which cannot be altered outside a certain limit. Any elements which need to be kept fixed are also defined at this stage.

Objective Function

This is the actual objective which the foundry is trying to obtain, like using minimum alloys, reducing surface area, improving yield, minimizing solidification time or minimizing shrinkage of the metal alloys.

OPTICast works to produce optimal results by considering the different elements which are provided to it. Once the variables, constraints and objective function are defined, the user can start a cast optimization Run, which consists of a series of simulations. Different designs and models are simulated as a result of this cast optimization Run. These designs are studied and evaluated at every step to choose the final optimized design. Since the casting optimization process is completely automatic, it makes it extremely cost effective to achieve the desired results.

Why use OPTICast?

With OPTICast, foundry engineers can completely automate the simulation of casting optimization process of an initial design. The computer does all the design alterations and running simulations, making the desired changes as specified. It provides practical and easy-to-use software to automate the casting optimization of the casting design process.

OPTICast is used by foundry engineers to control the level of quality of the cast designed using SOLIDCast. Factors such as quality, soundness and porosity are altered with OPTICast to provide the optimal casting design solution. By varying these variables, engineers can simulate the design process of as many casts as they want, and choose the one which meets their requirements.

Making different variations of the actual solid cast and altering it for several different options can be too time taking as well as costly. With this amazing casting optimization tool, engineers can create an initial design using SOLIDCast, and then perform cast optimization to give variations using OPTICast. Since OPTICast can be used to make several variants of the initial design, it makes it very convenient and quick to achieve a good casting design. No matter how many design iterations are required to achieve the perfect cast, it can be achieved easily with OPTICast cast optimization software.

For more information about OPTICast, please Contact us. You may also download the technical specification and demo software of this amazing casting optimization tool.

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