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Fluid Flow Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

FLOWCast FLOWCast is yet another exciting module which works with SOLIDCast to simulate the flow of molten metals when they are poured into the cast. This allows engineers to visualize how different processes like conduction, radiation and cavity filling work together to produce the final product.

FLOWCast software uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology to simulate the flow of molten metal through cavities and casts to analyze how the metal will solidify. The mold filling simulation software can be used with any kind of casting, including investment casting, iron casting, copper castings, aluminium sand casting as well as steel sand casting.

FLOWCast software module provides two different kinds of simulation methods for modelling mold filling:

Quick Simulation – This is a relatively fast process which can be used in the initial stages of a project, as it helps industry engineers to simplify assumptions and simulate the mold filling process in a short amount of time. The best thing about this Quick Simulation method is that it provides fast and accurate results.

Full Simulation – The fill simulation feature of FLOWCast uses CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to calculate the fluid flow in different casts. The final output can be viewed from any angle and is computed based on a number of factors, including progressive temperature, fluid velocity and fluid pressure.

Benefits of using fluid flow modeling Software ´FLOWCast´

FLOWCast FLOWCast can be very useful before the actual production of metal parts starts, as it can provide accurate results of the simulation. It not only provides an accurate result of the flow of molten alloys during the filling process, by using complex equations from computational fluid dynamics (CFD), but it also considers factors like conduction, radiation and temperature control. These factors are extremely necessary to consider in order minimize the defects which are caused during the casting and solidification process. The velocity and pressure of the poured metal is also considered by FLOWCast as it helps to decide factors like erosion of the mold during filling.

FLOWCast works well integrated with SOLIDCast and provides one of the easiest flow modeling solution to engineers working in the industry. SOLIDCast uses 3D CAD modelling to simulate the solidification process of molten alloys, whereas FLOWCast uses models and meshes which are actually created using SOLIDCast to simulate the flow of the molten metal in different casts. Together, SOLIDCast and FLOWCast provides a powerful tool to industry experts to help them simulate mold filling and solidification with exact precision and accuracy. Once the desirable results are achieved, the actual production process can be started. SOLIDCast and FLOWCast software together work as an integrated system to allow industry experts to use the right tools to provide the best results with efficiency and accuracy.

FLOWCast With FLOWCast flow modelling software, engineers can achieve and measure the following:

Metal Velocity – FLOWCast allows engineers to measure the velocity of molten metal when it is poured in the mold. This is very important at the time of initial filling of the mold, as it can affect factors like mold erosion as well as the flow of fluid within the mold.

Gating and mold filling – With FLOWCast, engineers can accurately simulate gating and mold filling

Flow Path Tracing – FlowCast software also simulates the flow of molten metal inside the molds. The simulation can be viewed from any angle, enabling engineers to take decisions accordingly.

Initial Filling – Initial filling allows FLOWCast to show the actual temperature of the mold as well as of the molten metal poured in the cast and provides an accurate casting pattern.

Based of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology FLOWCast software module works extremely well with SOLIDCast and provides the most accurate results in metal casting and molding.

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