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Die casting process, mold making and other kinds of casting process can be quite expensive and time taking, as well as risky if the appropriate tools are not used. SOLIDCast is the world’s most popular metal casting software & solidification modelling software. Primarily intended for use by the foundry engineers SOLIDCast casting simulation software offers accuracy, ease of use and power. No other casting software offers these features and that’s why over 500 companies worldwide are using SOLIDCast to simulate casting process.

SOLIDCast is one of the best casting process simulation program which offers a number of benefits to the casting industry. These are listed below:

  • This casting process simulation software can simulate thermal changes caused by heat transfer in the solidification process of casting
  • You can visualize the solidification of casting process of a particular cast using this casting design simulation program.
  • SOLIDCast casting simulation software provides visual outputs showing possible problem areas and defects that might occur during the casting process
  • By using SOLIDCast during casting process, you can reduce the trial casting stage and shorten the lead time.
  • It is one of the best casting simulation software which uses riser design and gating design simulation wizards to show the results of your casting process.

This cast design software is an all-in-one package designed for analyzing casting process for virtually any solid materials. SOLIDCast casting simulation software simulates casting poured in grey iron, ductile iron, aluminium, copper and nickel bases, magnesium and virtually any other metal. A database of several hundred alloys is included with this casting design software, with all properties.
SOLIDCast casting software has been developed by professional and experienced engineers who actually come from the foundry and are aware of the day-to-day challenges faced in the casting industry. SOLIDCast focuses on all the practical issues which need to be faced when designing and making solid casts. You can simulate several molding & casting processes easily with SOLIDCast such as green sand, chemically-bonded sand, Investment mold, Permanent molds, You can use Insulating or exothermic sleeves, hot topping, cooling channels, heating elements and many more.
SOLIDCast software system is based on the FDM Method, which is the Finite Difference Method and has been recognised as the most efficient method used for casting simulation & solidification modeling. It also allows engineers to import 3D models from CAD (Computer Aided Design), or you can use the model building tools provided by SOLIDCast to make your own 3D models of the casting.

SOLIDCast has been so successful as a casting process simulation software that is now used by over 500 companies and schools worldwide to help them in casting simulation & solidification modelling with power, ease and accuracy. Riser Design and Gating design wizards in SOLIDCast allow riser design simulation and gating design simulation to provide the most accurate ways to rig a cast, as they use sophisticated methods and 3D models to simulate the die casting process. Unlike other casting simulation softwares, which use simple geometry to produce outputs, SOLIDCast uses X-ray images, and high resolution color plots and video files which give a better idea of the final output.

FLOWCast is a new flow modeling module works in conjunction with SOLIDCAST and OPTICast™ is an optional module that is used to automatically guide the simulation process to an optimal result, based on user-defined constraints.

Please read more about FLOWCast & OPTICast.

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