An Integrated Platform for Materials Design and Development

A powerful software package developed by the CALPHAD approach for multi-component thermodynamic/phase diagram calculation, precipitation simulation, and diffusion simulation. It has a robust thermodynamic calculation engine, a friendly graphical user interface, and a flexible post-calculation function that allows users to plot various property diagrams through table editing. It is designed as an integrated platform and currently includes six modules: PanPhaseDiagram, PanPrecipitation, PanDiffusion, PanOptimizer, PanSolidification and PanPhaseField.


PanPhaseDiagram module is for the calculation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of multi-component, multi-phase systems. In addition to the stable and metastable phase equilibria, phase transformation temperature, phase fraction, and thermodynamic properties, such as Gibbs energy, enthalpy, entropy and chemical driving force, can all be readily calculated. This module can also be used for solidification simulation based on Scheil model and Lever rule, and provide latent heat and total heat evolved during solidification.

Some Key Features of PanPhaseDiagram Module

Phase diagrams: isotherm, isopleth, phase projection for an n-component system, stability diagram, 3D phase diagram, pseudo-binary section, pressure diagram
Property contour diagrams: contour diagrams for thermodynamic properties and physical properties, such as activity, phase fraction, density, driving force and surface tension
Phase equilibria: stable and metastable phase equilibria
Phase properties: amounts and compositions of phases, phase transformation temperatures
Solidification: solidification path and heat evolution using the Scheil and Lever-rule models