Footing Software


RISAFoot provides stand-alone and integrated analysis, plus design and drawing of spread footings and pedestals. RISAFoot is the best because it automates every step from analysis to design to drawing and it goes beyond simple issues to handle complex situations, such as biaxial bending, uplift and property boundaries. Automatically check bearing pressure, sliding, overturning, and uplift.

RISAFoot software RISAFoot Specifications

• As stand-alone software RISAFoot quickly gives you accurate designs and details for single footings. The stand-alone interface makes it easy to get the results you need.
• Complete integration with RISA-3D, RISAFloor and RISA-2D.
• Real spreadsheets with cut, paste, fill, math, sort, find, etc. assist with input and results.
• Footings are optimized for geometry limits and many other criteria that you define.
• All loading combinations of axial, shear and moment are solved with exact solutions, including biaxial bending with or without uplift.
• Eccentric pedestal locations may be defined, offset in one or both directions.
• Property boundaries may be defined for RISAFoot to determine optimum footing-pedestal layouts.
• Net or Gross allowable soil bearing may be specified.
RISAFoot calculates the exact soil bearing distribution under the most complex loading and determines the optimal footprint.
• Automatic calculation of overburden and self weight of footing and pedestal.
• Sliding checks are performed with user defined friction coefficients and passive resistance.
• The footing is fully designed for bending, one-way shear and punching shear.
• Pedestals are designed for axial, shear and bending, including biaxial bending.
• ACI 1995/99/02/05 concrete design
• Designs, including reinforcing and stirrup requirements, are fully detailed and may be exported for incorporation into CAD drawings.
• Overturning safety factors are maintained and may also be customized by the user. Moments and restoring forces are also reported.
• High quality graphic detail reports, with stress diagrams and detailed calculations, print what you see on screen and are easily customized.
• Constant in-stream error checking and data validation prevent user errors.
• Support for all units systems and conversions at any time let you freely change between any systems.
• Supports unlimited loads and combinations
• Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• Extensive customization options and user defaults
• Comprehensive printed reference manual
• Encyclopedic online help with index and cross-reference