Heat Exchanger Software

Heat Exchanger SoftwareMT-Exchange is industry leading heat exchanger design software that allows the mechanical design and the stability check of shell & tubes heat exchangers as well as rating analysis of heat exchanger.

This heat exchanger software performs calculation of thickness and dimension of heat exchangers and its components. Assembling and geometrical sizing of the heat exchanger as a whole is also among the core functions performed by this heat exchanger design software. MT exchange runs under Microsoft windows 95/98/NT operating systems.

As a heat exchanger design engineer or manufacturer you need to calculate how much is your time worth? How much is your employee’s time worth? Does your Heat exchanger design software actually design the heat exchanger or does it analyze given data that could directly impact profit?

MT Exchange heat exchanger design software helps professionals who are involved in heat exchanger design and analysis in saving time and money.MT Exchange calculates exchangers including in any allowed combination of the main components such as Channels, Shells and rear ends of the heat exchangers.

Welded formed heads, flat flanged heads, shell barrels, tube sheets, expansion joints or nozzles, all components of a heat exchanger are dimensioned by MT Exchange Heat Exchanger software. Whether it is saddle for horizontal heat exchanger or brackets for a vertical heat exchanger, MT Exchange can analyze both types of heat exchanger supports and can perform positioning and stability check for these supports. Nozzles from 10 to 1500 mm can be analyzed with this most popular heat exchanger design software.

MT Exchange software package is based on large, user modifiable, data banks for materials with mechanical properties of over 350 materials, nozzles, gaskets, ASME Charts for external pressure, saddles and brackets supports, stiffening rings and bolts etc.

Following are some of the analysis capabilities of MT Exchange heat exchanger software:
  • Analyzing stress caused by internal pressure of the heat exchanger.
  • Analysis of geometrical dimensioning of the heat exchanger.
  • Weight analysis of the heat exchanger when its empty or filled as well as weight analysis of the tubes bundle.
  • MT Exchange very well performs analysis of stability check for loads caused by external pressures and combination of different loads such as Equipment weight, wind loads, earthquake, user specified forces and/or moments on heat exchanger.
  • MT exchange performs tubes to tubesheet welding analysis

The results of these heat exchanger calculation with MT Exchange heat exchanger design software consists of a tabular report, exchanger drawings, bill of materials and the audit reports. All relevant data of the heat exchanger are printed out, including the results of numerical calculation and geometrical dimensioning. Components belonging to the exchanger under design are summarized in a table with dimensions, weights and number of items. The table can be viewed on screen, printed or exported as Excel file for further processing. Drawings are automatically generated by MT exchange in English or Italian language. Other languages using Latin alphabet can be easily provided as well.

MT Exchange heat exchanger software allows the automatic importing of data coming from the thermal rating of the exchanger trough a direct interface for directly addressing the outputs of a specific program or in a neutral file (ASCII format).

For further information on this industry leading heat exchanger software (MT Exchange), please contact Techno Trade.